Year 1985 Sidas branched out into a new market of Medical applications and therapeutic solutions for professional foot specialists (orthotics). Sidas Medical/Podiatech is your first partner for :

  • Thermomouldable orthotics and modules
  • High-quality materials, modules and concepts that deliver proven effectiveness and added value.
  • A complete range of equipment that you can use to carry out podiatric assessments and produce custom plantar orthotics.
  • Expertise that enables us to provide personalised training and advice specifically tailored to the individual.

Sidas Medical success is a consequence of innovation between experts, top-level athletes and orthopaedic centres. Sidas Medical (Podiatech) is recognised and rewarded: ISPO Awards 2012, INPI Prize (National Institute for Innovation) and numerous patents every year.

To demonstrate the benefits of Sidas solutions, various studies have been carried out by Podiatech (Sidas Medical). These studies were then validated and approved by independent laboratories such as the University of Reims, plus top athletes. More details of these studies can be found at

Conclusions clearly favour of OPCT® (orthotics by Podiatech) in comparison with other types of plantar orthotics:

  • 96% improvement in static and dynamic comfort
  • 50% increase in walking distance
  • Reduction of pain
  • 91% of therapeutic results in line with the desirable result

*Survey conducted in 2011 among 1.311 people by Foot Health Observartory.