Custom insole suitable for universal use. Custom technology requires the intervention of a professional.Designed for sports.

- IonFoam® topcover 2.5mm: Cushioning & antibacterial

- TX heel reinforcement 1.1mm: Stability

- Confortene pad: Shock absorption

- TX mid reinforcement 1.1mm: Support

- Podiaflex® N base 1.3mm: Flexibility

Approved by Jonathan Draper.

An Jonathan Draper, a member of the British Chiropody and Podiatry Association, works with a number of professional sports clubs, including Premiership and Championship Football Clubs, Super League Rugby and County Cricket teams.



Basketball requires players to jump, pivot and sprint frequently. Moving in any direction causes the player to wear out his knees, ankles and feet. The effect of stress on the lower body is inevitable when playing basketball, so it is important to take appropriate action. Sidas Custom Multi insoles offer greater comfort and stability, reducing the chance of a chronic injury.

Shock absorption is one of the main benefits of basketball insoles. Basketball requires repetitive bouncing movements, and must be used to absorb shock from the wrists and feet during hard descents. Sidas Custom special insoles provide extra cushioning on the heel sole, reducing bounce stress on the feet. This reduces muscle fatigue and provides better postural balance.

Sidas Custom Multi Insoles provide stabilization support by reducing the stress caused by descent. This double-acting effect is the product of shock absorption produced from extra buffering provided by sport-specific insoles. Individual insoles reduce the effect of pressure on foot sole of basketball players compared to general insoles. It has a balancing effect on heels and feet, which provide a layer between a player's foot and the floor.

Arc support reduces stress on joints and tendons in the knees. It also reduces the vibration of the impact to which the feet and ankles are subjected to hard descents. Basketball requires players to change direction suddenly, so it is important to maintain a full range of motion. The greatest advantage of the insoles in basketball is that it minimizes the potential for sports-specific injuries such as ankle sprains and also reduces joint tension.


Football injuries are usually the result of the effect or rotation of common injuries such as ankle sprains. Long-term injuries such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee injuries and shin splints are also common.

Constant training on hard surfaces can result in a number of injuries to the body's constant force when running and hitting the ground. It causes heel pain, knee pain, shin splints and back problems. Sidas Custom Multi insoles provide a professional solution to prevent possible injuries.


Tennis is one of the most challenging sports. It requires fast and versatile movement with sudden starts and stops. This is difficult for the whole body, but especially hard for the feet. Because tennis is played with fast and repetitive movements, tennis players may be exposed to stress fractures, ankle sprains and knee injuries. Choosing the right shoes and insoles will help reduce risks. Sidas Custum Multi insoles are designed to prevent such injuries and reduce stress during movement. Proper use of insoles has proven to reduce foot and heel pain. It also reduces muscle and ligament pain and increases endurance, ensures proper alignment.


Volleyball is a sport that is played all over the world and its popularity is increasing day by day. As in all court sports, the body's forward and backward movement is very important in volleyball. Choosing a light shoe and a suitable insoles while playing volleyball; performance affects bouncing higher, hitting the ball faster.

Volleyball players spend most of their time on the metatarsal during training and matches. Therefore, it is extremely important to support the foot with insoles. Designed specifically for you, Sidas Custom Multi insoles provide shock absorption and help reduce the risk of injury to the ankles and feet. It pulls the thrust downwards and provides deceleration, thus protecting the knees. Flexibility is regulated by the athlete's body weight. The dynamic design increases the athlete's agility and leap. For athletes, the best way to treat injury is to prevent it. Sports physician experts think that personalized insoles provide more balance and protection to athletes, which means that players perform better in matches.